About Us

Lazo was established in 2020, it was founded with a simple mission: to advocate self-love and combine modern trends with timeless classics. Catering to a diverse audience, we aim to enhance self-love every day. Our goal is to embody confidence and elegance for our strong community of women.

Our mission is to empower anyone wearing our products with confidence, we also prioritise quality by using premium fabrics and crafting these timeless pieces in-house. Our specially crafted designs undergo a intricate process involving drawing inspiration, grasping our audience's preferences, brainstorming, and fostering creativity.


Lazo goes beyond being just a brand; we are a movement. Our unique pieces encourage women to embrace their individuality and boost self-assurance by blending classic and trendy styles at an affordable price point with exceptional quality. We encourage our tribe to make a statement with our exclusive pieces.


We believe that helping our community is an opportunity for us to grow as a brand, to better understand how we fit into the fashion space. Hence, we are actively seeking ways to give back to society. For any queries or work proposals, write to us at connect@lazostore.in